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Should you hire a mobile app marketing agency instead of doing it yourself?

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The surge in the usage of mobile phone applications for availing services and placing orders has cajoled entrepreneurs to develop their own mobile software. As millions of apps inundate app stores, cutting through them and standing out from the competition after development has become a major challenge. In order to succeed in the current app market, marketing smartphone applications is of paramount importance. The way in which an application is marketed will decide whether it will sink or swim. What’s the best way to go about it? Should you hire an agency for their mobile app marketing services or do it yourself? Let’s find out.

What is App Marketing?

From the conception of an idea for an application until its launch in the market, the app voyages through several phases. In addition to its development stage, which is heavily focused on, marketing helps the product reach the awareness of a wide audience. Marketing will help you gain

  • Visibility 
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer base
  • Higher ranking in app stores

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Why need App marketing?

App stores currently harbor in numerous apps with more of them entering the market every day. Attempting to deploy your application with unoptimized and inadequate marketing strategies will cause it to get lost in the deluge of a large number of apps that already occupy app stores. On the other hand, well-optimized and planned mobile app marketing services enable you to successfully launch your mobile phone application to a specific targeted audience. By tweaking certain qualities of your app, your software can prominently appear to individuals in your niche. Is it better to market it by yourself or hire an agency? They both have unique advantages.

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Marketing your app by yourself

Marketing an app by yourself will confer you with complete authority over your software. Moreover, it will cost much lesser than hiring a marketing agency. You will have to extensively research the latest marketing practices employed in the industry. Promoting your application by yourself can be time-consuming. Not to mention the chances of success which is uncertain to a large degree. Freshly venturing into the world of app marketing can be overwhelming, and to experiment on your app is quite a gamble. The experience and knowledge of a marketing agency undoubtedly outweigh the inexperience of app marketing by an entrepreneur.

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Hiring a marketing agency

A marketing agency begets a wide gamut of possibilities to improve the prospects of your application. They bring to the table immense experience and well-researched strategies that will give your software the fillip it needs to gain maximum visibility. Compared to marketing your app by yourself, a marketing agency is unequivocally the best option to proceed with. An app marketing agency like Appdupe will take care of the following essentials that will help get your app a large userbase.

  • Creating creative marketing content
  • Measurement of KPIs
  • Launch social media ad campaigns
  • Optimize the app for app stores with App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Analyze user engagement for the betterment
  • Increase user traffic

So should you hire a mobile app marketing agency instead of doing it yourself? The answer is a reverberating yes. Get your app the customer base it deserves.

Popular strategies in use for app marketing

  • Brand your app for long term user retention

Customer retention is one of the most important aspect to look into for the success of an app. Create a brand for your app through aggressive marketing tactics. Update your app regularly to improve customer engagement. An intuitive UI and UX can help in keeping your customers in the band.

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  • Push notifications

Build a campaign to raise a push notification when ever a user tried with any of your services and closed the app. This will help the customer to get rebound with whatever service they were looking up with your app. For these notifications to work properly, keep separate campaigns based on different usage of customers. There should be broadcast campaigns and segmented campaigns for the app. Each campaign will have a different purpose for user engagement.

  • Keep your customers in the loop with in-app messages

One other important strategy for user on-boarding to your app is through the in-app messages. The user may have to follow a number of steps to make a conversion in your app. Have a strategy to provide the in-app messages whenever the user gets left out in a step before reaching a conversion.

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