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Top 5 Types of Cosmetics Products with Creative Packaging Designs

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Cosmetics Products have been around for centuries. The earliest known use of cosmetics was in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. However, many cultures have followed suit with the tradition. There are a million types of cosmetics products found on store shelves or online in today’s world. However, each product comes with different packaging designs to stand out from the rest. To help you find your following favorite cosmetic product, we created this list of some favorites.

Cosmetics is a multi-billion-dollar industry. The average person spends $1,500 per year on makeup alone! As a result, there are endless options for the types of products you can buy for your beauty routine. From nail polish to lipstick, there’s something for everyone. But what makes one company stand out from another? Creative cosmetic boxes are an easy way to make your product memorable and differentiate them from others in the market.

Cosmetics are items that many people use daily, but what makes these products so great is the creative packaging they come in! There are plenty of options for someone who wants to spice up their routine, from vintage-looking tubes to kawaii bubble gum packs. In this post, we will be showcasing the types of cosmetic products with creative packaging designs.

These classic lipsticks can come in a variety of colors and textures, from matte to moisturizing formulas. They also have different shapes, such as bullet style or stick shape, which provides more versatility when selecting a color application. In addition, there is a wide range of eye shadow palettes available nowadays. It’s never too late to start a business. One of the most profitable and in-demand industries is cosmetics packaging. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make money, this is one of your best options!

Lipstick with an original design and Kraft paperboard packaging:

The packaging is kraft paperboard, and the design is printed in four colors. It has a round shape and an innovative ribbon closure which makes it ideal for gifting. It can also be used as a candy box.

Kylie cosmetics lip kit:

The design of a Kylie cosmetics lip kit is very creative and unique. It comes in different colors that may suit your skin tone. Also, the product is small enough to fit in your purse or handbag, so you can have it every time you need it. In addition, because of its small size, it will not take too much space on your dresser or vanity table.

Lipstick packaging that is rounded tabular form:

This lipstick has a beautiful round metallic packaging that provides a touch of elegance and glamor to the product’s overall look. It is also very convenient for you to carry it around because of its small size. You can place it in your purse or handbag and have access to the product whenever you need it.

Nars Blush:

This Nars blush has a beautiful geometric design that will accentuate your makeup table decor without taking too much space on the table. In addition, it is made from high-quality materials that are incredibly durable, so you do not need to worry about breaking or spilling this item.

Sleek eyeshadow palette:

The sleek eyeshadow palette comes with different colors, which professional artists and beginners can use! Moreover, they come in vibrant colors that may suit various skin tones.

Eyeshadow in a compact case that can be reused as a mirror and window packaging:

One of my favorite products is a compact case that we can use as a mirror and window packaging. It’s inexpensive, has good quality, and looks great on the shelf! Another great product is eyeshadow in a compact case. It’s not only pretty but very convenient for on-the-go use!

Eyeshadow palette with a magnetic-closure cover:

This eyeshadow palette is perfect because it closes magnetically! No more messy cosmetics products on the inside of your bag. It’s also easy to choose which eye makeup you’re going for since it has removable pans.

Mascara in a metallic tube that looks like lipstick:

This mascara comes in a luxurious metal tube that can be mistaken as a lipstick by others! Therefore, this product is excellent for people who are always on the go because they precisely know their mascara.

Waterproof brush eyeliner pen:

People often complain about how difficult applying eyeliners correctly, especially if you don’t have much time. The best thing about this product is that it gives protection and beauty at the same time.

Eyebrow pomade:

An eyebrow pomade is ideal for people who want perfectly groomed eyebrows. This product contains natural oils which make your brows look shiny! Girls can also mix different shades to get the shade they desire.

Blotting paper in lipstick form:

As women, we always worry about our makeup coming off throughout the day. Women who are conscious about their looks would love this product because it helps you fix any mistakes during the day without ruining your entire makeup look.

Nail polish in a lipstick tube:

Everyone’s familiar with nail polishes, but not many know about the lipstick’s version of it! It comes in different vibrant colors for everyone to choose from. In addition, tube-style packaging is very convenient to carry around and uses much less storage space.

Liquid makeup in a nail polish bottle:

This cosmetic product is very innovative because it can be used as both a liquid foundation and nail paint at the same time. In addition, it may only come in one color, but if you mix it with other colors, you can create your shade! This is perfect for those who love to multitask during their day.

Mascara in a tube that looks like a mascara wand:

A unique, tube-shaped mascara that has a brush applicator is so pretty. It also gives you the eyelashes you want because of its formula and how it applies to your lashes. Besides, online packaging solutions provide the best if you’re looking for packaging to help your mascara stay fresh. They offer customized products and high quality.


It might be hard to decide which cosmetics product is right for you with so many options to choose from. But with these creative designs in mind, there’s no excuse not to try out something new! If you are looking for a lipstick that will make your lips stand out or mascara to give your lashes extra volume. However, they have the perfect beauty product packaging solution for your business.


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