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Why On Page SEO is Important; Factors You have to Keep in Mind While Developing a Website

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If you’re not meeting your visitors’ needs, it doesn’t matter how ‘optimized’ your site is. — Stoney deGeyter

On-page, SEO is an essential part of any successful search engine optimization strategy while a website is in a development stage or newly developed.  The SEO techniques are changing day by day, and now it has become the need of an hour for the website developers to implement a unique and result oriented off page SEO strategy to give the right direction to their development work. There are various factors that you should have to keep in mind during the implementation of On-Page SEO strategy. Most of the On-Page SEO work is carried out during the initial stage of the website development.  The aim is to implement the necessary measures that can effectively work for the better performance of the website on all available search engines. While writing an On-Page content for your website must use a diff checker to perfectly achieve the required goals related to content.

“Off-Page SEO is the first Step towards gaining the expected level of SEO Optimization”

Met tags Insertion

For the every website page that you have developed, you need to create proper meta tags (titles, tags & descriptions). Title of your webpage should include the keyword of your service. Tags are the keywords related to your business. Try to insert more than 5 keywords in the tags section. A comprehensive description is also required form your side to make sure that search engine fetches a unique description about the page when they search a specific keyword related to your business niche. Yoast SEO is the most preferred add-on that you can use while implementing On-Page SEO frameworks.

Website Content

The website content for each page of your site should be unique and must include the keywords related to the products and services that you are going to sell online. Page titles also play a key role and work as the Meta title.  The content for each page for your site should be user’s oriented and delivers the required information that your users are searching online.

Keywords Density & Structure

According to the modern SEO trends, the keywords density should be 2% only. Google keyword planner is the most optimized and fully preferred tool to find out the best-related keywords that fit the requirement of your content.  Make a comprehensive search of the keywords related to your business niche. URL structure is also a decisive factor that you should have to take care off during the implementation of result oriented On Page SEO strategy.

Alt-Tag Image Optimization

Must insert the proper name (alt + tag) for each image that you publish while implementing a result oriented On-Page SEO framework.  Make sure that the image you post is efficiently unique and deliver the expected user’s experience to all the online viewers. Alt + tag image optimization is the favorable factor to boost your SEO optimization. Don’t ignore this factor.

Internal Linking Factors

Don’t ever undermine the benefits of internal linking. Every post you publish on your site must be interlinked with the pages of the site.  You must have to include a blog section on your website that must be updated at regular intervals. Each and every post should be interlinked with each other and also with the pages of the site.

The Content-Length Matters

Google recommends SEO professionals to only write and post content material that contains more than 500 words. As I have already mentioned that the content on your site should be unique and based on the effective laws of content marketing. Adding a social sharing button on your site will be also helpful to send your message related to your products and services to the outside world. Lengthy and unique content is more likely to rank on the first pages of search engines.

Final Verdict

On-page, SEO is really mandatory to validate the desired expected results associated with your SEO strategy.  On- Page SEO is usually performed by the website developers at the initial stage of the website development. There is no denying the fact that the On-Page SEO is really essential to accomplish the expected level of sustainability in product/ services online sales growth.

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