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6 Reasons Why People Don’t Celebrate Birthdays

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Not everyone is excited about birthdays. There are many people out there who never feel excited about it. They find the day as normal as any other day. Nothing in their routine changes in the name of celebration. They do not want to get or feel pampered.  Going to office, wrestling with the crowd of public transport, having lunch in the decided duration, everything goes with the normal routine.

After all, what makes them act so indifferent? Are they devoid of the zeal of life? Do they want to avoid the ‘feel special’ feel? What exactly it is that makes them feel nothing special on the day of their birth.

Following points describe the reasons.

1. Not in love with the ‘spotlight’ attention

Some people do not like to come in notice of others due to any possible reason on this earth. They just don’t like it. You may feel stunned about this nature but they like to remain as part of the crowd. Birthdays are contrary to this feeling as they bring people in sudden attention. Everyone wants to wish the birthday boy or girl, all are eager to know the plans of the day. But those who do not like all this celebration thing find it nothing but chaos. They prefer to remain silent and follow the normal routine of daily life.

2. ‘Why to waste money’ people

Here comes another part of the population that thinks it is a waste of money.

Their logic is,

Why lose hard-earned money for the pleasure of three to four hours?

 They do not understand the logic behind spending on those who do not help you earn. This also includes the people who are in debt and have multiple obligations. For instance – mostly a clutter of short-term debts accumulates to act monstrous and they make people restrict their expenses. No guarantor loans, installment loans, credit card dues, so many obligations work together to suffocate desires.

3. My Birthday is my ‘ME’ time

These people just want to be with themselves on their birthdays. A celebration is not something they want as it makes them act artificially with a fake smile. Such people may spend some pennies on their own desires but they hesitate to invite a crowd of friends and family. They may go shopping alone or may take lunch or dinner alone or with just one friend or someone special. In short, they spend the day doing things that make them happy from within.

4. The age/death fear

This may be common in those who are in their 50’s or late 50’s, 60’s, the 70’s… For some people in this age, life becomes a journey that is going on and on and on with a faster pace. They feel like losing control of their time and every passing year intensifies the fear of dying soon. This is however not good as it stimulates negativity. But some people do so and they can’t help it. Their birthday is nothing more than bad news for them.

5. Negative experiences of life

This is about those who are in deep pain due to some reason or incident in the past. Any occasion of happiness is just unbearable for them. Loss of a closed one, some downfall in career, a heartbreaking break-up, a financial loss that is still dominating the financial life. So many things are there in the human life that walk along with daily life and keep scorching mind and soul. Such people find the escape difficult from the experiences and create a shell and prefer to stay in it. Maybe something happened exactly on their birthday and they literally hate to get good wishes on that day.

6. These beliefs in logic

A big part of the modern world loves to talk about logic. Whether it is about financial matters or about their own birthday. They never miss judging things on rational grounds. Say them ‘happy birthday’ and they are sure to respond with ‘What is different today? I find everything so common just like any other day.’ You know what? You cannot convince them to feel different about this. They need logic to feel happy on birthdays.

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