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How to Make Custom Retail Packaging to Boost your Business

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You cannot stay behind to see high competition between different retail packaging businesses. It’s not easy to compete for dozens of the same types of products as yours on the shelf. Packaging trends are changing at fast speed. Businesses need customized retail packaging solutions to be at top of food chain.

Custom retail packaging is a marvelous way to compete these days because you command your space on shelves with packaging. An attractive and stand apart showcase of your product gives you good marketing space, and this can be done only by a beautiful customized box of your product.

Retail packaging is as crucial to the customers as your product is. There are few steps below that will help you walk you through everything in the most leisurely manner.

Step 1: Select a Suitable Packaging Material 

Packaging materials come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You may want to choose an appropriate product packaging material that is durable enough so it can carry the weight of your product when shipping or transporting while still being easily opened for customer use.

  • Plastic
  • Paperboard (cardboard) 
  • Corrugate board (also called carton board)
  • Glassine paper – sheets or rolls of transparent paper with one smooth side used as wrapping tissue. 

Choose one material that suits your products and then move forward to the next step.

Figure out Dimensions of Your Product

Initially, it is necessary to know about the dimensions of your product that needed to pack. Measure height, width, and length according to your product or anything you needed to put in. Then add a tiny margin to the dimensions so that your product easily fits in.

Step 2: Decide What Should be Visible Outside

Decide whether your product is going to be presented on the shelf or shipped via courier. What side of the product should be seen while opening the box? Like in a hardware store, the customer may not open the box. So, it would help if you told them what’s inside waiting for you. If they know nothing, you may add all these below.

  • Information about the main product
  • How to FAQ about the product
  • Your brand log with a tagline
  • Reviews and quotes from happy customers
  • Actual product picture
  • A personal message

All these elements together help you achieve your targeted goal from the packaging boxes. 

Step 3: Decide how Inside of the Box Should Look Like

The box inside is less important in some cases, but you should consider printing instructions inside the box. While if you are in a retail e-commerce business, this is the best chance to leave a good impression.

You may print your story there or make customer laugh with a joke or something and encourage to share on the social network.

Step 4: Use Different Design to Stand out

Well, when you have decided what is going to packed inside. You need to think about outside to make it brandable and prominent to grab attention of the customers. It’s time to think of a different and attractive design for your package to make it enticing and elegant to get your desired results. 

Select a unique design that represents your brand and it should be unique. Do not copy other’s idea because it puts negative impact on the marketing of your products. Moreover, it affects your company’s integrity and you can lose your loyal customer. It can also cause some legal challenges because of copyright issues. 

Step 5: Develop a 3D Model in Reality.

Now you have a clear idea about how your package will be displayed, and this is the final time to create it. 

Get started chose the best style of your custom box. Then, enter the dimensions noted earlier in step one and your desired quantity. Then develop 3D design of your packaging box to give it more realistic presentation. Finally, chose colors and design for printing with proper sizing with placement according to your need.

Step 6: Adjust What Needed and Send for Printing

At finalizing stage, double check spellings and designs. Make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or formatting errors in the content. Show some other people to look at your document (this may be friends, family members, colleagues) and find any problems you might have missed during proofreading.

If all is well, send for printing! You can use a photo transfer service to order printed copies of documents as needed from this day forward while saving time on production. They’ll print them quickly within 24 hours so it’s perfect for last-minute projects with tight deadlines. This might not work if ordering large quantities though since the product will take longer than that period of time but it will worth it.

Step 7: Price Your Product Packaging

You can find wholesale prices for boxes on websites such as Alibaba which offers low price products from China. You can also go with an American company that produces quality product packing at reasonable rates if you want to keep more of your profit margins intact.  The cost per unit of custom retail packaging must be calculated beforehand so it’s not blindly left up to chance and then getting hit by sticker shock when you’re ready to put your product in the box.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t know about graphics designing, this will be difficult for you to do even with clear instructions. However, outsourcing is a very economical and easiest way to implement what you like to do with the designs. Stampa Prints serves significantly in this domain. They have professional designers and complete customization for boxes and all types of packaging materials, and they can provide orders in bulk with the shortest turnaround time. You can send them your customized design or select from dozens of attractive designs available on the website. Samples are also available to see what it looks like. So, contact now to get the best packaging deals for your brand. 

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